Issuer processors

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What you will learn

  • What issuing banks are
  • What acquiring banks are
  • What merchant accounts are
  • What underwriting is
  • Why a merchant’s credit rating matters for accepting credit cards
  • What card associations are
  • What processors are
  • What ISOs are

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Issuer processors

Issuing banks rely on one or more “issuer processors”, each of which can be an outsourced company or in-house department, to service a cardholder’s credit card account. Some example tasks that issuer processors perform are:

  1. Account maintenance: Setting up and performing record keeping of credit card accounts.
  2. Card network communication: The electronic communication with card networks.
  3. Cardholder customer service: Resolving cardholder issues and reporting account activity information to cardholders.
  4. Monitoring account activity: Analyzing cardholder purchasing patterns and flagging unusual purchases.[1]
Issuer processors
Issuer processors are processors that perform cardholder related processing functions.

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